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Valencia Part 2 Thoughts (Part 2)

I am pretty late on this topic (and back to blogging on here altogether) as I wanted to see what other members on Twitter, Pirate101 Central, and the official Pirate101 forums had to say about the announcement from the most recent KI Live of Valencia Part 2 or VL2. Anyways, the main point of this is to talk about is:

  1. Part 1 will be about how I think we will get into this new skyway and what will happen in it/who we meet
  2. Part 2 will be my ideas about what will happen after this skyway

Please also note that this is what I personally want to happen and you don't have to agree on it, and in fact, you can comment below with how you think Pirate101 will play out after Valencia Part 2.

The Future Of Arc 1

Now, this is where it gets crazy for both you and me. I got multiple ideas as to where we can go (as why I didn't give an exact ending for what Valencia Part 1 would be) immediately after Valencia Part 2, and by immediately, I mean just the next book. but first, I want to go back to the stormgates in the new skyway, as people are divided between 2 and 3 new stormgates. You got to look closely at the first few seconds of the video but, the swirly things coming up out of the stormgate are there that far back.

Darkmoor and Rajah

 I expect us to go to Darkmoor for the next piece of the map. At the end of Valencia Part 2 we kill (destroy if you will) the queen and start a rebellion inside Valencia with the nobles joining the war against the Armada. Because of this, we are granted by Her Majesty, The Queen of Marleybone (whatever her name is) access to the Darkmoor stormgate along with a shiny new orange windstone. Our job in Darkmoor is to help the colony of Marleybonians with the threat of Armada (there will be a Darkmoor <-> Valencia stormgate) but also to talk to our mother and learn that the piece is in Rajah. During this whole adventure to find the map piece of our mother, we are chased slowly behind by Phule of all people who was sent by Kane to finish us for good. We eventually defeat him though in Rajah after he learns that we have found a map piece and nearly brings it back to Kane.

I imagine Darkmoor to have 2 skyways. One skyway dedicated to the Marleybone story and one dedicated to the map piece story. While I expect Rajah to be just one skyway for the whole time we are there getting the map piece. I expect Darkmoor and Rajah to take up either:

  • 2 books. 1 devoted to Darkmoor and another devoted to Rajah
  • 1 book devoted to both Darkmoor and Rajah.

Monquista Part 2, Polaris, and Grizzleheim

On the other side of the crazy plate is our return to Monquista and venturing to Polaris in search of Erika. We barely escape Valencia after the Armada finds out we nearly started a rebellion in Valencia against them along with a plot to assassinate the Queen. After arriving back in Skull Island we get a letter from G (who is revealed in Valencia Part 2) right before the Armada gets him. He states that Erika is in Polaris currently helping Napolequin with reclaiming his world in exchange for a commission to use the Polarian Navy to drive back the Armada from Grizzleheim. The closest stormgate from Skull Island would be in Monquista, which is now ruled by Gortez.

Upon reaching the barren world we request access to the Polaris stormgate. Gortez refuses, knowing that we are pirates and may be earning a few extra gold coins to assassinate the most wanted penguin in the Spiral. But he reconsiders the offer and tells us he will allow access IF we figure out why Monquista lacks water. Long story short, we find out that the prisoners of Orryx had sprung a leak in the main water system and were still working underwater as told by their rebellious generals giving them commands.

After the whole series of events in Monquista, we finally enter Polaris and meet Erika, who we help, along with Napolequin at retaking Polaris (or at least one skyway where the Navy is stationed). Erika gets double crossed and receives no ships from the Polarian Navy as Napolequin thinks for himself and Polaris that if he is to reclaim his land, he needs all of the might of the Navy. So we decide to help Erika (only to get the map piece later) in Grizzleheim and drive the Armada back. Little do we know that leading the Armada in Grizzleheim is Phule who captures Erika sending her back to Valencia in tow with the map. We go back to Skull Island no map in hand and see what Avery has planned for us next.


If you haven't read part 1 of my thoughts on Valencia Part 2, click here, but besides that I got nothing to say really except comment on what you think our adventures after Valencia Part 2 will play out.

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