Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Valencia Part 2 Thoughts (Part 1)

I am pretty late on this topic (and back to blogging on here altogether) as I wanted to see what other members on Twitter, Pirate101 Central, and the official Pirate101 forums had to say about the announcement from the most recent KI Live of Valencia Part 2 or VL2. Anyways, the main point of this is to talk about is:

  1. Part 1 will be about how I think we will get into this new skyway and what will happen in it/who we meet
  2. Part 2 will be my ideas about what will happen after this skyway

Please also note that this is what I personally want to happen and you don't have to agree on it, and in fact, you can comment below with how you think Valencia Part 2 will play out.

Entering Valencia

So yeah... we have reached our first problem that will be clear in the book: entering Valencia. There are 3 options on how to reach Valencia since they obviously have increased security around the Dragonspyre/Avernus stormgate:
  1. Valencia <-> Aquila stormgate. First introduced when the game was released and our first wonder at what Aquila was, we knew we would be coming back to Valencia (besides defeating Kane). The stormgate was originally labelled for a red windstone to be required for use, but it is skeptical as the MooShu <-> Marleybone stormgate said it required an orange windstone before the last story update, close to 3 years ago so there is chance we may see this stormgate be used with a new orange windstone we obtain, or maybe our current yellow windstone that we also use for the Monquista <-> Aquila stormgate.
  2. Skull Island <-> Valencia. A least possible candidate for being used as it is in the same skyway that started the Valencian-Marleybonian War. Was labeled as a stormgate that required a red windstone before the last story update.
  3. MooShu <->  Valencia. Also on par with the Skull Island <-> Valencia stormgate for actually getting used this moment in time as right across from it in the same skyway is the Marleybone stormgate making it so this is another highly guarded stormgate.

The Opposite of Storms

Besides my curiosity why they thought that horrible sherbert orange would go with the emerald green, the story is what interests everyone. This part of the story (and the rest of the story you could say) has been redone 2 times now as the CEO of Kingsisle did not like how Blind Mew had written it, so it still seems like the general sense of the story in the skyway will exist still: nobility and ambassadors.
Credit to @CapnLoganWest for getting this picture from KI Live

I imagine our story to start out with us entering Valencia <-> Aquila stormgate (as this seems the most likely without getting outs heads blown off... wait nevermind), immediately rushed by the Armada troops guarding the stormgate. I then expect Bonnie Anne (only because she did it a lot earlier in the story. See the expanded Blood Shoals questlines in Skull Island) or another companion on our crew (go Nurse Quinn) to call parlay where we will then appear in this new skyway, in the new skyway. From here (just because I am not going into detail) we attend meetings with other ambassadors from other worlds, meet the nobility of Valencia, and ultimately find C, G, or whatever his name is. Also, I expect us to finally meet the female antagonist of the Armada Elite who we currently refer to (as time of publishing) simply as The Queen. She would be the diplomatic one for all of the Armada.


This is the end of part one.... so yeah. Go onto part 2 I guess? I got nothing to say really except comment on which stormgate you think we will be going through and how you think our adventure in Valencia Part 2 will play out.

Until next time,                   

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