Monday, January 20, 2014

A Short Story - Late Night Nightmare

I sat up, the cold wind blowing from under the doors and from the top windows that I could never close. It had been only a day sense I had returned from Cool Ranch and it seems the trail of ghostly cold winds of the Haunted Skyway followed me then it appeared, a green fox that seemed to be disfigured smiling and then it stopped. It was all just a dream, there was no green fox, it was just the book I was making, getting into my mind and scaring me ever so much making me think it was real.

This is the first actual piece of story I have posted on here and if you are fond of the Zafaria Library on the site Spiral Libraries but if you aren't click here to read the first 5 chapters of the story.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ship Journal - Entry #3 Invasion of Aragon Skyway

I felt like starting off 2014 on Savvy Swashbucklers with a new ship journal and here it is. Introducing Ship Journal - Entry #3 Invasion of Aragon Skyway.



I saw the pirate in the Tomb of Marco Pollo while looking around for any clues to El Dorado and called the troops with me to attack and kill the pirate for you, hopefully he is gone now and out of the way. Also I went to the Sivella and found out that the pirate was there also, after I found this out I pranced in the meadows and checked both the stronghold and the fortress on both sides of the skyway and found out that the pirate was at the fortress and nearly destroyed our forces there.

-Evil Phule & Nice Phule