Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Witchdoctor class

The class that studys the dark arcane magic (seems to much like death) using hoodoo (ok very close to voodoo) to rig the outcomes of there combats.As a weak class they have there tricks, using hexes, shooting blasts of fire at a range, and spirits to help them change the odds (they really are having a lot of stuff that is the death school and minions from Wizard101) in a witchdoctors favor.As learning the dark arts (arcane) and hoodoo you get the "mournsong power" that summons spirits of the dead to drain the health of there enemys (to much like the death school).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Musketeer class

Firearms and tricks shots are all that the pirates in the Musketeer class need to win there battle.When you think of musketeer you are thinking of small guns, but look at ol-fish-eye you notice that they don't just use them to defeat there enemy's, they also use traps (digging a hole and covering it, classic) and obstacles (lava, piranhas, arrows, poison arrows, just naming some stuff) to keep there opponents make so they can fire with there gun.If you want to take this class you will mainly be focusing on traps and obstacles rather then the gun, the best part is, you get the "rain of mortarshalls" that is like mines put on land that blankets an area with this explosive trap.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Swashbuckler class

To start out this P101 (Pirate101) blog we might as well talk about the swashbuckler class, maybe the future popular class for pirate101.The swashbucklers are sneaky like a ninja (felt like putting that in) surprising there enemy's when they strike and dodging the attacks of there (arch)enemy.Also deadly with blades but not as powerful as the buccaneer class, though they sacrifice toughness for damage.I don't understand that much of "The dance of steel" though, but i will inform you if I get into closed beta.