Monday, November 11, 2013

Farming For Bone Stew

Well because I am Pirates Unite staff now I had to go farming for gold so I have housing related stuff to blog about on there. I had two options: ask on Twitter for someone to go to Subata Skyway (I mean the actual skyway) and let me port to them so I can farm Amber Horde ships or go to Avernus Skyway in Dragonspyre and farm for gold from the Bone Drake, the first option failed so I am now farming in Avernus Skyway for gold so I can buy a new house.

This place is starting to seem like home to me, I was here when I was level 50 farming for gold and here I am again, I might as well make a little house on one of these obsidian shards floating around this far outside of Dragonspyre Academy, being this close to Valencia will also help me research into the world, it interests me in the geography, buildings, origins of the Armada, everything.

I Got In + Blog Updates

Your probably thinking something else but who cares, I just got into the Pirates Unite blogger team (PU for short) and I think I have the Friday spot. my blog on PU will be for community mazes and housing in general and I will try to keep this blog and 101 Adventures active as much as possible.

Speaking about the blog I have added Wizards Unite to the blogroll and a visitor globe map which I am testing it out for now and I will have a poll up soon to see if you want it to stay on the blog.

Want to sign up for a job on Pirates Unite? We are hiring with two more spots for bloggers and info gatherers at

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Third Picture

This one out of the current three pictures seems to my liking to make a blog post about it so why not. If you look own at the dialog in this then you can clearly see that this shark was (or still is if they went into hiding) part of one of the clans that died when Skull Island was discovered and people started makings villages, cities, etc.  Also notice how this shark seems to be carrying scrolls in his right hand, this could mean that he maybe is a witchdoctor or something else. So far this picture and the other two don't fit into place, a shark wanting to our companion + special dock + giant eagle holding up a Colosseum + some old crazy guy talking about the ancient ones.

Ooh, now I see it, this is probably going to be the first side zone (like how Crab Alley is one for Wizard101) for Pirate101 probably, and the Colosseum will be one dungeon or multiple dungeons. Then when you complete everything you will get a standard which will probably not be that good sense it is in Skull Island and that is the starter area so we maybe will see Rouse or Refresh.

Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Veteran's Day

Pirate101 is giving away two free Red Poppy Wreaths when you enter the code "poppy" on either website in memory of all the fallen soldiers and are serving our country currently. For more information on Veteran's day in Pirate101 click here.