Thursday, March 20, 2014

Behind The Coding - Valencia

Picture made by @Umbra9649


I am only looking to have these as rare once a year things on both blogs and the 2 times a year (once around start of Spring and one at the start of Fall), 1 for each game on the new blog. Behind The Coding takes us into the concept art, what inspired it, and more; this time we are taking a look into the storm skies of Valencia and seeing who the maker of the map is and a real life armada from history so snuggle up in a blanket, get some coffee (or your favorite drink) and start reading Behind The Coding - Valencia.

About Marco Polo

All that came up about the word Valencia was Valencia, CA (California) which is found in the southern part of the state, although I don't want to do a paragraph or two about Valencia another thing came to mind: Marco Polo. Marco Polo is real if you didn't know (you should know by now because all of Pirate101 is basically events in the world but it skips from like around 500 B.C. to 1750 A.D. *Cough* El Dorado and the Aztec Empire *Cough* yet and I do not know where the game originated and that is not what I care to talk about here but you can talk to me about it on Twitter.

A few facts about Marco Polo before we get started:
  • Died and Born in the Republic of Venice
  • Lived in the era of the Mongol reign over China and most of Asia and maybe some of Europe
  • Status was a merchant from Italy
  • Earn a high ranking in the court of Kublai Khan while living in China
  • Marco Pollo along with his dad traveled the silk road in 1215 which lasted until 1360 after the Mongols revived it

The Travel Over Land & Sea

Born on either the 15th or 16th of September in 1254 in Venice being the son of a rich man of the name <Niccolò Polo his father usually wasn't home to see him or the rest of Marco's family that lived in Venice due to trades with the Near East and wasn't even at home when Marco Polo was born because he and his brother Maffeo set out on a trading voyage.

Skip forward awhile, later Polo's mother dies (cause/causes unknown) and then in 1269 Marco met his dad for the first time and they travel the Silk Road to China and the Mongol Empire. Marco Pollo spend a good chunk of his life in China and being part of Kublai Khan's court and came back in 1295, 26 years of his life in China being one of the first from Europe to travel to Asia and explore their lands. In 1323, 28 years after he came back to Venice he was confined to a bed with a illness and later died between the sunsets of January 8 and 9th of 1324.


I am sorry I couldn't do the other city named Valencia (found in Spain) this round but I will next time when I can't think of anything. Will we go there next and if so what for. Rather than that, what do you think about Valencia so far and the next Behind The Coding we will be a two part of Marleybone, the first covering the Great London Fire and the second one being random stuff (I will be asking on Twitter when it is released) you asked or I want to talk about, one may surprise you.

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