Thursday, March 17, 2016

Is The Future Of Pirate101 Gone?

With the release of test realm as of today (the 17th of March, 2016) @W101Spoilers had obtained new information regarding a future bundle that possibly links with a new world in the files of the test realm. This world has possibly news of heartbroken, let down, and every other emotion that falls into the category when you hear the words that...

...Valencia Is Coming

Yes folks, Valencia, or, at least, a gauntlet bundle, is coming to Wizard101 in the future. With the Spiral Cup Gauntlet being sold on the website only and the Grand Tourney Gauntlet almost one year old the next gauntlet had to come eventually.
An overview of the outdoor area of the gauntlet without the skybox.
There are too many similarities, in fact, the majority of the models are straight from Pirate101 itself. Having models from Pirate101 is not a new idea, but one that gotten the community on Twitter upset in recent months since the release of the Frigid Maw in Polaris being a complete recolor of Motherlode Mine, a special and unique location as that is where the pirate defeats Deacon, the first of 3 seen elites part of Kane's Court.

My Concerns

With graphics, NPCs, and animations all found to be working this bundle is sure to come soon, and possibly come after the updates from test realm reach live. Falmea is also hinting to a Pirate101 update coming soon to their test realm once it comes back online. I personally think that this bundle is going to come out around the same time the Pirate101 update comes out (saying if Book 15 finally comes about years of waiting) to try and bring Pirate101 players to the game.
Currently scrapped artwork for a Valencia village.
The worst possible idea that came to mind actually first came from @TylerDreamer on Twitter who said that Kingsisle could shut down Pirate101 and start gradually putting worlds from Pirate101 that haven't been explored yet (Skull Island, Monquista, Valencia, and Cool Ranch), into Wizard101. What are your comments, concerns, and questions about these leaks? 

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