Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Problem With Valencia

It is about time that I talked about Test Realm. I don't have access to Test Realm though, so I am purely going off of what people have conversed with me, what I have seen in streams and what I have read on Twitter, forums, and in the update notes. There are a ton more things I want to cover, but these are my main concerns, and yes, this is more of a rant post than something that I usually do.
Map of Calabria Skyway as of 6-01-16.
Credits to @DennisGusrandra 

Problem 1: Two Aquila Stormgates

This one has been my main concern the most since I first saw the map of Calabria Skyway: A stormgate to Aquila. Originally, last week I thought that it was just a mistake and they labeled the stormgate incorrectly. But I guess after Test Realm came out yesterday again with bug fixes, they still have not fixed this. So, after sending Dennis to again check it out for me (we were both intrigued at this point), we found out that you could actually use this stormgate to go to Aquila. EVEN BETTER. Has someone on the team decided to be a lazy person and, according to Dennis, just copied and pasted the SAME spiral path for the MS <-> VL stormgate. That they could care less, as minor of a detail as it is, to not change MS out for AQ. Like, it can't be that hard right? Especially after about one whole week or more to fix it.
Map of Aragon Skyway as of 6-01-16.
Credits to @DennisGusrandra
Now, this really started to upset me, so we also checked out Aragon skyway, where it STILL says that the stormgate goes to Aquila. When physically going over it in the game, you still were not able to travel through it and it still brought up a message saying it was a stormgate to Aquila. Now, I am going to find this as an issue, and until this update goes live (which is far far away) and someone asks Blind Mew about this, I want to classify this as errors on the maps of Aragon and Calabria Skyway along with errors in Aragon and Calabria Skyway and the AQ <-> VL spiral path.

Problem 2: Errors in Calabria Skyway

This is going back to Calabria Skyway as a whole, especially the map of the skyway. Besides the whole Aquila Stormgate debacle, there are a few more errors that need to be pointed out. The first being that unnamed vortex not existing near the stormgate to Polaris, or anywhere at all in the skyway, and apparantly there are a few islands on the map that aren't in the skyway. The second error is the labeling of the skyway that is to the right of Calabria. This may or may not be the final name, but it honestly seems stupid to have this "Andalusian Skyway" labeled. Like unless you want us to now have access to ALL of Valencia or something with 2+ skyways of islands we won't even be able to dock at, which should not be the priority as you need to make use of all the islands we can't dock at in Calabria. And to the complaints I hear, that is about half the islands in the skyway. 


These are just two of the many things wrong with Valencia at the moment, and I think they should be fixed first on the list of stuff to do, as this is outrageous. What do you think should be the priority of Kingsisle and the MMO team? I espcially want to check out the MB <-> VL stormgate now after learning about the copy and pasting of the AQ <-> VL stormgate. Do you? 

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